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The Client Expericence

The Typical Client Experience

We choose to follow the CFP Board’s 7-Step Advice Process.  We view that as the gold-standard for providing the highest quality advice. 

In terms of what you can expect in working with us, this provides an idea:


What We Stand For

  • A Fiduciary Standard is always necessary.  Clients’ needs are first and foremost.

  • Education has the potential to empower people.  Financial literacy changes lives and is maybe the most valuable investment a person can make. We make it easy.

  • We treat all people we interact with, with dignity, respect, and kindness.  Words are empty unless they are followed through by action.  We treat people the way that they want to be treated.

  • We believe in transparency and act with total integrity.  No secrets and no lies.  If clients don’t understand, we haven’t done our jobs.


Who We Partner With

  • Retirees or those nearing retirement age who are looking to future proof their finances.

  • Individuals receiving a financial windfall such as an insurance payout, inheritance, or downsizing the family home.

  • Property Investors that are selling down some or all of their holdings.

  • Investors that are seeking a second opinion on their portfolios.

  • Business owners that are selling their ownership stake

  • Professional Trustees seeking Fiduciary Standard advice.

  • Those who want to better understand their current and future financial situation and to expand their financial literacy.

The truth is we can’t guarantee anyone that we can help, without getting to know them first. So if you’d like to see if/how we can add value to you and your life, you can reach us on the Contact Us page. It’s always wonderful to have a chat with someone that is interested in having a better financial future.

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