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Lifestyle Financial Planning & Investing

Lifestyle financial planning might sound complicated but it's actually quite simple:

  • Figure out what kind of life you want E.G. What do you want to do with your time, energy and resources?

  • Figure out what 'enough' is E.G. How much do you need to live on and when will you need it?  If required, how much should you be saving?

  • If and only when it makes sense, provide the best investment options.

This applies to anyone who is planning for their retirement to purchasing their first home.  For those paying for their children's education or for those wanting to gift an estate.  From figuring out how to have more spare time or completing more fulfilling work, to those who have lost a partner or spouse.  Whether it be selling down an investment property, or any number of other life events, Financial Planning makes the bumps in the road easier to manage.

Investing just means choosing what to do with your resources. When we talk about investing, it does not mean just dumping your money into shares, it means finding what to do, that makes the most sense for your unique circumstances. 

We take an evidence-based approach to investing, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not a good solution.  The truth is, bad investment advice can sometimes be just as harmful (and possibly worse) as no advice at all. The funds and investments we use are heavily researched, with long and proven track records.  We do not use speculative securities or asset classes.  Instead, we go with a tried-and-true system.

Our process provides clear numbers and probabilities for the investments we choose, so that we ensure you are getting:

  • The best possible option

  • Investments that align with your goals, values and timelines.


We conduct due diligence on all of our investments on an ongoing basis, because investments will fluctuate in value over time.  We expect this to happen forever.  The point of meeting on a regular basis is to ensure our clients are comfortable and understand what their money is doing.  Sticking to the plan that we put into place will have a big influence on how well your investment grows. 

We also aim to empower our clients and those with the desire to learn more.  We do this via our blog, videos, meetings, and other platforms because we believe in the power of Financial Literacy.  We want everyone to be better at handling their money.  Though it may not happen overnight, we want to help whoever we can, that want to better themselves.

If you want to know more, you can reach out and schedule a free discovery meeting to see if we are able to help you, by clicking the button here

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