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Relationship Loss

(Matt Wenborn)

People often ask me why I have chosen to specialize in Financial Planning and Relationship Loss.  Fundamentally, I get irritated when I hear of vulnerable individuals who have been scammed; and you are never as vulnerable as when you have just experienced loss.  As a CFP professional and Fiduciary, excellent client outcomes and the reputation of the profession is important to me.  I would argue, there isn’t a more trusted and difficult assignment in personal financial planning than dealing with vulnerable individuals.  This is a challenging privilege that I enjoy. 


I love seeing people overcome in some cases insurmountable odds, exhibit personal growth, come back stronger, and even get a win or two.


Relationship loss covers many areas, but it refers to individuals who may have experienced one of the following

  • Divorce or separation

  • Grieving over loss of a loved one

  • Death of a partner or spouse

  • Going through loss of identity or feeling alone

  • Abandonment, helplessness, or fear of being on your own for the first time


If you have questions or queries with regards to my process as a Certified Financial Planner or would like to discuss your personal financial planning goals and objectives, feel free to contact me on my details below.


P:  021 495 190

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