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Stop using the word 'financial' in front of other words

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Stop using the word 'financial'

One problem in finance... It's the word 'finance'.

I often come across people that work in finance and see them put the word "Finance" before everything. You see this as financial fitness, financial goals, financial lives, financial wellbeing, financial obligations, financial burden, financial freedom, financial financials, blah blah blah and so on (I'm guilty of this too).

If finance means money, and money is a tool to give people freedom to do what they want, then it's like saying someone's life.

It's redundant. Money touches nearly everyone's life and even more than that, it touches on most aspects of a person's life. This means that marriages, have money tied in, relaxation, has money as a part of it, holidays are achieved through money, time off at work affects money, your kids have an effect your money. Most decisions in life have money somehow linked to them.

One easy way to think about this is, 'Time is money'. If that's true, then money, finances, and wealth stop being independent concepts and they start to represent a person's time.

In my opinion, someone's financial goals aren't any different from their regular, life-goals. We wouldn't call them 'time goals', 'time lives', or 'time wellbeing'. The world doesn't revolve around the industry of finance, it revolves around people's lives.

Let's just talk about things in the simplest terms we can, and let's stop inserting that word everywhere to make it seem important. Focus on the person and the other stuff follows.

Financial goals and financial wellbeing should just be 'goals and wellbeing'. Full stop.

Stop using the word 'financial'

A Crazy Idea by Cam Irvine

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