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Estate Planning is a grim topic, but a necessary one. The reason is because most people go their whole lives building wealth and accumulating resources, and by not having a proper estate plan in place, a person’s life work can pass on in ways that they never wanted.

E.G. If a 67-year-old passes away unexpectedly, with no Will, Trust, or plan in place, there wealth will pass through the probate courts which have a few of big problems:

  • Probate is costly. It often has numerous fees that add up and can be shocking how much the costs end up being.

  • Probate is slow. If you think the estate passes through in a few weeks, you are wrong. 6 months is commonly reported, but there have been examples of taking years.

  • No Will means the court decides. How would you feel about someone you’ve never met and who doesn’t know you, making all your final decisions about your money? That’s what happens in the example above.




Estate Planning

Some estate plans are complex, and some are not. Either way, we want to make sure your estate, your wealth, your property, assets, belongings, money and everything else are passed on the way you WANT them to be, not the way someone else chooses for you.


We work with you, your family, your other advisers, legal professionals and whoever is valuable in the process, to make sure your estate is designed to do what you want it do

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